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Blue Water 88

One hour of continuous music created by Jerry DesVoignes, Elio Rota, Paul Armitage and recorded and mixed with Chris Fowles in concert to an hour of beautiful & stunning underwater footage of tropical fish from coral reefs. The footage was taken in the Grand Cayman Islands, Caribbean Cocos Islands and other locations. Footage was shot by a company in Seattle called "Media Arts".

Blue Water 88 DVD cover

The journey of several months went like this:

Paul Armatage (keyboardist composer) improvised a continuous stream of music while watching the fish and coral beauty at Chris's studio on a massive screen. Elio appeared and added his magic again while viewing the fish. For several weeks Chris and Jerry blended those two performances into a 60 min stream of the most Divine music track. After that was complete, Jerry spent several days singing and improvising over that music with Harmonics, Sounds, "Vocables" (non language sounds) and layered several tracks of harmonies etc. All the recordings, editing and mixing were done while watching this most amazing colourful undersea world. The music is Divine, meditative, joyous and deeply relaxing. We believe we have created a lasting tribute to our beautiful sea world along with this music that will be here for generations to come!

Rob Lucy is the overall producer and he has included several additional tracks of positive affirming subliminal messages that you may wish to choose from the DVD menu, which are created for Body, Mind and Spirit. Or simply listen to the original stream of music and video with no subliminal tracks. The applications and possibilities for this DVD and music are endless… can be viewed on your TV, computer, great for children, for meditation and relaxing, seminars, airlines, theatres, Bravo-like showings, environmental, healing centers, clinics of all kinds. Can download the music to your iPod also! Transcends all languages and brings beauty into our lives.

Blue Water 88 sells for $39.00 and can be purchased online at eyelearner.com and at Banyen Books & Sound.

Sample from Blue Water 88 (4:55)