One Voice Harmonic Choir

One Voice Harmonic Choir at the Song of the Labyrinth event, September 22, 2006

The One Voice Harmonic Choir based in Vancouver BC, began in 2000 and has been performing consistently since that time. The OVHC is an ensemble composed of six male singers with diverse musical and theatrical backgrounds who provide a unique contribution to world music as well and to their community. Their original music combines Harmonics/Overtones, Throat Singing (Tuvan & Tibetan), ancient songs and chants, Tibetan Bells and Bowls, Gongs, Conch Shells, Percussion, Harmonium, Soprano Sax, Guitars and other instruments. All singers create the deep sub-harmonic sound most often referred to as Tibetan or Tuvan (Kargyraa) sound, known also as coming from regions around Siberia and Mongolia. Often impressing the most highly regarded Tibetan lamas and Tuvan Throat Singers and to the amazement of all who hear them.

One Voice Harmonic Choir at the Museum of Anthropology, 18 April 2004

The One Voice Harmonic Choir fills the atmosphere with their penetrating, amazing voices and rich multi-cultural music, creating quality of sound seldom heard in North America. They are stunning to hear and see as it is a visual experience as well as a sonic one. Each member has the ability to move from the deep Tibetan voice to Tenor and back again with ease. Director Jerry DesVoignes has a four-octave range and will often soar into the Soprano and glide back into the Kargyraa voice, while Colin McDonald weaves beautiful melodies from his saxophone.

Members of the OVHC are Jerry DesVoignes — Choir Director/Composer, Colin McDonald — Composer & Sax, Chris MacIntire and Duncan Hogg.

One Voice Harmonic Choir at the Museum of Anthropology, 18 April 2004

Compositions come in several languages, cultures and modalities such as Sanskrit, Latin, Aramaic, Native American, English, Celtic, Hawaiian, African etc., and Vocables (non-language sounds), expressed through intoxicating melodies and powerful World Rhythms. The choir is known for their improvising and originality. Using one of natures original instruments the Conch Shell, which has beautiful resonant harmonic qualities. The choir layers several together in a symphony of shells to create an organic soundscape. They combine throat singing with their diverse musical backgrounds which consist of Classical, Jazz, Latin, Rock, Gospel, Pop, Indian Ragas, Indonesian Gamelan, and Folk to create this unique blend of World Music.

One Voice Harmonic Choir at the Museum of Anthropology, 18 April 2004

Though many of the choir pieces are a’capella, the OVHC also works with other musicians as part of the ensemble on a regular basis such as percussionist Stefan Cihelka (Tabla), Elio Rota on keyboards and stringed instruments, (both performed on Song of The Labyrinth), and other talents include Itamar Erez, Neil Weisensel, Joseph “Pepe” Danza, Budge Shakti, Lyle Povah and many more.

You can join choir on one of their Sacred Journeys evenings. In Vancouver these are held in an intimate and beautiful setting, St. George's Chapel, with the audience and choir arranged in a series of nested circles. Audience members sit at the centre, encircled by the choir. Hearing the choir from the centermost circle is a truly wonderful `surround sound' experience that is impossible to forget. It is also called a “sound bath” as the listener is showered or bathed with these incredible healing sounds. Sacred Journeys attendance ranges from 10 to 50 people and can be included in conjunction with the choirs performance schedule while on tour.

Labyrinths with music are becoming more popular around the world and the choir has created music specifically for such venues, some of which can be heard on the Song of The Labyrinth CD. We invite you to listen to the samples of music provided on the Music Page and to check out the videos as well.

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