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Jerry DesVoigne is a Singer, Composer, Performer and Teacher who is Dedicated to Building a Community through Sound and Voice.

Possesing an extensive background in ancient singing styles and contemporary music, he has performed and composed music in many genres, including: Rock, Country, Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Progressive Rock, Gospel, R&B, Musicals, Latin and World Beat. Jerry enjoys composing songs in different languages and using vocables, or non-language sounds. With over 20 years experience leading thousands of people in Kirtan (the devotional singing of sacred sounds), Jerry can guide you to the wisdom and transformational power of your voice.

Jerry with shaker

In 1988, Jerry suffered a brain injury in a pedestrian accident causing him to lose many of his innate singing and musical abilities. The injury shattered his entire sense of Self and created gaps in his memory and cognitive thinking processes. As a part of his healing journey, Jerry discovered techniques of Harmonic Overtone Singing, where the voice creates three or more sounds simultaneously. These techniques are known for their profound healing effects in many spiritual traditions such as Tibetan Buddhism and by the Shamans of Tuva.

Singing or listening to the overtones creates new neuro-pathways, much like building a bridge to your memories and abilities. These sounds are pure and beautiful stemming from the ancient sounds that were first uttered by mankind. Jerry has received many testimonials of how his recorded or live sounds have removed headaches, eased physical trauma, helped learning disabilities, released stress and tension and opened people's hearts in profound ways.


Song of the Labyrinth, September 2006

Song of the Labyrinth, September 2006

"Through Chanting in the Round I discovered a new part of myself. The beauty, amazing musicians, Jerry's angelic voice, and the rhythms of the chants seemed to bring together heaven and earth for me. I was overflowing with joy, connected to my divinity, and I didn't want the evening to end!"

— SJ

"The sound of a single voice echoes throughout the great stone church. Then another note appears, floating eerily above the first tone and harmonizing perfectly with it. The harmonies change, come and go, always with a dynamic of loud and soft; high and low. And all the sound is coming from one man: Jerry DesVoigne."

— Scott Stevens,
World Music Director/Programmer,
KAOS Olympia Community Radio USA


Jerry doing a solo improvisation at Christmas in the Round 2007


Jerry in Vancouver with Geshe Tenzin Legdup, a Tibetan Chant Master from Mysore (click image above to see a larger version)

Deepak Chopra and Jerry

Deepak Chopra and Jerry at St. Andrew's Wesley Church